Grain Marketing

Better Returns

Dengie has provided consistently better returns for its members than they could have obtained individually. Since 1985, selling prices have averaged significantly more than the HGCA average over the same period.

Superior market intelligence is a key factor in this achievement. Dengie works with other grain groups to pool and distribute market information.

Greater Financial Security

Strict credit rating, credit insurance and credit control ensure financial security to members. Risk is further minimised by dealing with many customers and selling direct to end users who, by their nature, tend to be sound companies. Dengie does not speculate in the grain markets. No member has ever lost money through a bad debt or for any other reason.

Less Trouble

Members are relieved of the time and trouble involved in grain marketing through having professional traders with intimate knowledge of the grain world acting on their behalf.

Choice of Selling Method

Dengie members have a choice of selling through either pool sales or spot sales.

Under the POOL SYSTEM, members commit some, or all, of their grain to the pool in return for which they receive regular payments.

Under the SPOT SYSTEM, sales are made on behalf of an individual member for an agreed commission.

Customers Also Benefit From

Availability of large lots of guaranteed specification. Contracts for regular supplies over extended periods. Grain supplied is always 'first hand'.